mother and baby

There’s a hot nutrient being discussed among nutritionists these days—it’s choline.

Choline has long been known for its role in cell membranes as well as the brain and nervous systems. But newer research has shown getting enough choline is very important during pregnancy to ensure healthy infant brain development prenatally. Adequate choline intake continues to be important throughout infancy and into the first few years of life. There are other benefits of choline that are being discovered too like its role in adult brain health, heart health and more.

A Daily Value for Choline was recently set at 550 milligrams per day and applies to adults and children 4 years and older as well as pregnant and lactating women.

Here are some foods providing Choline:

• Veal (3 ounces, cooked):  19% Daily Value
• Egg (1 large, hard cooked): 27% Daily Value
• Chicken breast meat (3 ounces, cooked): 13% Daily Value
• Fish, cod (3 ounces, cooked): 12% Daily Value
• Dark leafy greens (1 cup): 11% Daily Value

Dylan Lindstadt